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I had a dream last night that I was heading to a party that I wasn't actually all that interested in attending, and some guy told me that women really like it if you speak in a low, quiet voice and make little sounds like a chipmunk or an insect. I figured he was full of shit, but since I really didn't have anything else to do or anyone I wanted to talk to, or any aspirations of actually partying at the party, I figured I might as well: it would be somewhat interesting, if nothing else. So I was there and it was nighttime and I was standing on a large wooden deck with the rest of the partygoers, who were crammed fairly closetogether over where I was - even though the deck stretched back a long way and there was a very uncluttered area not too far from me. I put the suggestion into practice and started making my little weird noises. Sure enough three women became fixated upon me almost instantaneously. But I couldn't be sure if they were actually interested in me or if they were just wondering what my problem was. I wanted to talk to them a bit, but that would have necessitated giving up on the chipmunk noises and I was pretty serious about just chipmunking the night away. None of them were particularly attractive either, and that may have factored into my process somewhat because I'm superficial like that... but since this was (I believe) some sort of business school party, the odds of them being My Type were fairly low to begin with.

I had a dream last night that I was riding around, primarily in reverse, in the driveway of 605. There were a lot of flowers and the landscaping was in very full effect. I ended up heading down the hill towards the Kopple's place but there was some confusion on the way and I was behind a slowmoving car that eventually just stopped in the middle of the road and Poo's dad got out. He was wearing a pink shirt, and was unusually redfaced - even for him. He started walking back up the hill. I didn't know whether to get out and say Hi or drive around his car and forget about the whole thing.

I had a dream last night that I was living in a dorm and my three female neighbors were out in the hallway, pleading with me to open the door and have dinner with them. They made me all sorts of promises. But I wasn't interested, and I knew that they couldn't be completely certain that I was even in the room. So instead I just sat there very quietly for a while as they continued to try to tantalize me. I was kindof concerned that maybe they could see my shadow under the door: I could see theirs. But that never became an issue. I think I was sitting at a little kitchen table, trying to read a book while all this was going on. After a while of this, I decided maybe I'd join them afterall. But I had to think of a reason for why I'd been ignoring their knocking and pleading. I came up with something totally plausible, which was that I had been listening to music on headphones and I couldn't hear them until the song ended. So with that in mind, I headed over to the door to talk with them. But right then, they gave up and went back to their room across the hall from mine. So there was this awkward moment when I opened the door expecting to delight them with my presence and instead they were only barely out there anymore and my reception was more of an "oh, hmmm, we're kindof notsomuch feeling it anymore." They were not the same three from the Business School party. They were more attractive, for one thing. At the very end, they started chanting in these droney voices: I'm not sure what and I'm not sure why, but I liked it.

I had a dream last night that I was pants shopping at a department store with Sylvester Stallone. He was furious because someone in the store was smoking: he could smell it (I'm not sure if I could) but we looked and looked, and we couldn't see anyone with a cigarette. He was ranting about "what is this, the 1980s?" and so on as he stormed around trying to find the culprit. There were a lot of shriveled old people around the place, but none of them was the offender. I had sortof given up and gone back to pants browsing when Sly suddenly became very purposeful in his stride and I suspected he'd found the origin. I wasn't sure whether to follow or watch from afar or keep my distance and not even pay attention. But when he got near the person, there was a weird noise for a period of approximately a second and then my alarmclock went off. Was the weird noise the alarmclock? It didn't sound anything like the clock. Was my dream brain altering the sound from reality for a moment there? Or did my dream just happen to have a weird noise that coincided almost perfectly with the reality noise?


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