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beautiful adventure, new orleans, cafe bamboo, hardcore show, anarchist
I had a dream last night that I was touring apartments (or maybe touring my own place?) and I was concerned by the dirtiness of the kitchen countertop. The counter itself was made of butcherblock wood and it would have been a very good effect if it weren't for the stains and crumbs and everything else that was mashed into it. I found a clean spot and put my hands on it, perpendicular to the surface and six inches apart. Then I lowered my head down to their level so that they served as blinders and blocked out all the rest of the grime. But even in that cleanest spot I began to notice bits of grit here and there.

I had a dream last night that I was officiating a derby bout that was in an ice rink, or somesuch combination of sports. My main concern was that one of the teams was ready to go, but the other team - consisting of Ray Merriweather, Dave Lee, and some girl I didn't recognize - was still waiting on most of its people to show up. We skated in circles in the meantime, trying to keep busy until we could get started. I got bored of this and skated out the door. I skated up the street. There were some people walking their dogs in the distance, and I skated until I had passed them. One of the dogs was a huge bushy lion-looking thing, but it was definitely a dog. And I was doing this skating on ice blades, not on wheels. They were working on the pavement, somehow, but I knew that they'd have to be resharpened after an ill-advised escapade like this.


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