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beautiful adventure, new orleans, cafe bamboo, hardcore show, anarchist
I had a dream last night that had a cinema scene of a traffic circle in London, nighttime, a big statue or obelisk in the center, nothing but taxis taxis taxis driving around it. Four lanes of them, at least, and densely packed. Most of them were just going in circles, not actually heading anywhere. But one of them made a weird departure from its orbit and flew off down a road at the 2:00 position or thereabout, from my vantagepoint. It drove erratically down the block or so, moving in such a way that suggested maybe it was a model and was being stop-motioned very poorly, until it crashed into the wall of a big old stone building - a prison in which I was being held. It didn't smash directly into the cell that I shared with some other guy, but it was closeby: just a few dozen feet further down from me. And although my exterior wall wasn't damaged, I took advantage of the opportunity and broke out while the guards were distracted with the accident. I burst through the wall - it was shockingly easy to push through - and my cellmate and I took off on foot, running down dark streets and trying to make turns often so that our path was as convoluted as possible. Eventually we reached a carpeted area (in the middle of the road?) and we paused there for a while to get our bearings. Nobody was chasing us, to our knowledge, but we still needed a plan: we'd been acting on impulse the entire time, hadn't been planning on escaping until the opportunity presented itself.


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