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beautiful adventure, new orleans, cafe bamboo, hardcore show, anarchist
I had a dream last night that I was supposed to be playing a show with Eric, except that nobody told me until the very last moment. Maybe he'd decided to let me collaborate with him on an impulse and I just had to catch up. He was already mostly tuned and soundchecked, but I wasn't even sure what instrument I was going to play. He also wanted me to set up the MicroKorg so that he could use it, and that took me away from being able to make progress for myself for a while. Finally I seemed to have all that ready to go and I grabbed the first thing I could find - the old Fender P - and figured I could make that work well enough at the last moment. Except that it wasn't tuned, and he was right about to start the show... and although I figured it wouldn't be that hard to find an amp to plug into, there didn't seem to be any at my disposal. He started and I just began playing along as though everything was fine, while I scanned around casually for something to plug into. No use getting frantic: he already had the situation under control. Interesting detail: I think our venue was the CHA choir room.


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