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jondilks's Journal

20 June
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The universe is a big place. §^§
action at a distance, alternative religion, angry stoner, animation domination, anomalies, backwards compatibility, bass, david cronenberg, david fincher, derby, dr. octagon, dreams, driving in neutral, drone fuzz, dystopia, fish, fuzzy animals, happy psyche, hbo bs, impermanence, infectious ideas, mementos of dead animals, monolithic doom, music, night terrors, nonsense, photography, planet of the apes, post-metal shoegaze blisscore, psychological self-domination, science, secrets of the universe, self-redefinition by antinegation, slowmotion sludge, steven soderburgh, strange fiction, stuff with analog synth, terry gilliam, tofu, truth in advertising, tube amps, turning over new leaves, vonnegut, wes anderson, writing, yes mantra, zombies