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beautiful adventure, new orleans, cafe bamboo, hardcore show, anarchist
I had a dream last night that I was in highschool, taking a test. But I knew that I had already graduated from Bard, and I knew that it was the end of the semester, and I knew that my performance didn't really matter. Which was good because the test was damnnear impossible. Seemed to be social studies or history of somesort and I must not ever have cracked the textbook at all because the names and ideas were completely new to me. I couldn't even put in educated guesses or anything like that: I could barely understand what the questions were asking because of my lack of context. This was frustrating at first, but then I realized that I didn't care. I handed in the test almost entirely blank and took off. Ds & I (she was there too) went outside to the main courtyard and hopped onto our motor scooters and headed out for a destination somewhere in NJ: can't recall exactly where we were headed, but it was likely a show. I had some trouble remembering how to drive the thing. I knew how to accelerate, but braking somehow slipped my mind: it didn't have hand brakes like a bike or like Paris's scooter when I rode on it, but instead there were these brackets that I had to put my elbows into and somehow work the brakes with them. As I got to the intersection of Willow Grove & Seminole, I started trying to slow down but I couldn't get it to work and I ended up flying through without stopping at all. I nearly got flattened by a big white pickup truck, and the driver yelled something at me. I yelled something back - not quite an apology, not quite an explanation, not quite a fuck you too.


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